How to Spot a Job Using Twitter (WetFeet Magazine)

It’s easy to see Twitter as merely a source of amusement—especially if your feed is bogged down with inane, minute-by-minute updates from friends and celebrities. After all, who cares what Nick Nolte had for breakfast or that your cousin lost her keys again?      

But Twitter can be so much more than a workday distraction. It can be a powerful career tool. More and more recruiters are turning to social media powerhouses such as LinkedIn and Twitter to find candidates and communicate open positions. Plus, with a little savvy, Twitter can be great for building your network, gaining industry know-how, and uncovering unofficial job leads.     

Before you start tweeting your beak off, though, be sure you’re up to date on Twitter etiquette.

1. Be a Pro
Your Twitter profile will be one of the first things a recruiter finds when he Googles you, so from the moment you create an account you should make sure to put your professional face forward.