Corporate blogging, copywriting and proofreading services

In addition to my journalism, I also provide proofreading services and create original content for a wide variety of businesses. I used to think I was an arts writer, but now I blog about equine digestive health for Freedom Health, renewable energy for Encore Redevelopment, and have written website copy about financial management, fitness machines and architecture, among other topics.

If it involves words, I'm on it — but I specialize in turning jargon-filled industry language into engaging copy that normal people will actually read. Thanks to my experience pitching ideas to editors for freelance stories, I also love generating ideas for editorial calendars, and can work with you to sketch out a projected editorial plan.

My services include:

  • Creating editorial calendars
  • Crafting original content for blogs, websites or collateral material
  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Social Media engagment

Please contact me for more information.